Luna Nutrition Bar, Blueberry Bliss

Whole nutrition bar for women. 70% organic. 4 Core: Calcium, vitamin d, iron, folic acid. 8 g protein. 3 g fiber (Contains 5g total fat). Gabe: We all need a friend that makes us feel funnier, smarter, and more beautiful just by being around them. Thank you for being that friend to me for going on 35 years! - Kathy. Who inspires you? Tell us at As women, we crave a snack that does more than merely get us through the day. It needs to nourish, curb hunger, and taste great - to satisfy entirely. Say hello to Luna, the delightfully delicious, 70% organic snack that multitasks! With the Core 4 (while other nutrients are also essential for human nutrition, the Core 4 nutrients are listed because of their importance to many women seeking to maintain their health) vitamins and minerals essential to women's health - calcium, iron, folic acid, and vitamin D plus 8 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber (Contains 5g total fat), Luna does it all, beautifully. Feel the power of positive snacking. - The Women of Luna. Breast Cancer Fund: Prevention starts here. Luna is an active sponsor of the Breast Cancer Fund and its efforts to eliminate the environmental and preventable causes of the disease. 70% organic ingredients. 100% recycled paperboard. This carton is made from 100% recycled content with a maximum 65% pre-consumer content and a minimum 35% post-consumer fiber content. Please recycle. Certified organic by QAI.