Twix Fun Size Caramel Chocolate Cookie Candy Bars of

Right TWIX is an amazing pairing of smooth chocolate, crispy cookie and luscious caramel. Left TWIX is an awesome combination of crunchy cookie, delicious caramel and creamy chocolate. With this twelve-pack of individually wrapped fun size TWIX candy bars try both and pick a side. Either way, TWIX believes a little bit of joy makes a big difference to your day. Stock your pantry with these fun size chocolate candy bars as a reward for a big to-do list. TWIX fun size candy bars turn break time into bliss. Our tip: take your coffee with a TWIX! Amp up your midday recharge with every bite of gooey caramel and crunchy cookie cloaked in delicious, flowing chocolate. Individually wrapped TWIX caramel fun size candy bars are perfect for sharing - - we won't snitch if you don't. We've got to say, a gift bag full of fun size Twix is always a hit. Care packages with fun size TWIX are 100% more fun, it's a fact. There are endless ways to share and enjoy a fun size moment with TWIX.